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Since the First Edition of The Palladino Family in America was published in 2004 I have uncovered a treasure trove of new information relating to the Palladino / Pauldine family genealogy and have now traced and factually documented the family tree all the way back to the late 1600ís and have added hundreds of additional family members. Thus the 1st edition is now woefully out-of-date and no longer in print.

Inasmuch as family history research is a rather open-ended task that is never really completed I now introduce the 2nd Edition of The Palladino Family in America, at a whopping 436 pages beginning with our ancestors in the feudal Kingdom of Naples and Two Sicilies. Italy was not yet a country.

Due to space limitations the 2nd Edition contains only the direct descendants of Michele Palladino, circa 1695.

There are several thousand documented sources and hundreds of newspaper clippings of births, engagements, weddings, obituaries, funerals, and photographs that because of their sheer volume were not included in the book but may be found and downloaded from this Palladino family website. The 2nd Edition book may be ordered directly from this family website, (see the Features box to the right) or

The picture above is the wedding picture of Giovanni "John Pauldine" Alessandro Palladino 1881 - 1969 and Giuseppa "Josephine" Maria deSantis 1882 - 1972

Giuseppa "Josephine" DeSantis was a direct descendant of the last Barone (Baron) of Campobasso, and the 4th great granddaughter of Barone Salvatore Romano. The Palladino ancestors may have been Knights but the de Santisís were the true blue-bloods. Therefore by her birthright Josephine was an Italian Baronessa.

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