New Jersey, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armellino, Libera  24 May 1916New Jersey, USA I2936 Palladino 
2 Armellino, Maria  19 Oct 1919New Jersey, USA I2937 Palladino 
3 Brazel, Lucille  1925New Jersey, USA I1798 Palladino 
4 Brazel, William  Abt 1921New Jersey, USA I1800 Palladino 
5 Camardella, Anna  22 Nov 1912New Jersey, USA I1872 Palladino 
6 DeSantis, Assunta  1903New Jersey, USA I6009 Palladino 
7 DeSantis, Magdalena  7 Mar 1898New Jersey, USA I6006 Palladino 
8 DeSantis, Michael  23 Aug 1906New Jersey, USA I6010 Palladino 
9 DeSantis, Nunziata "Nancy"  22 Jul 1908New Jersey, USA I6011 Palladino 
10 Kranzow, Dorothy  Abt 1920New Jersey, USA I600 Palladino 
11 Kranzow, Elenor  Aft 1930New Jersey, USA I599 Palladino 
12 Ladik, G. Harry  14 Sep 1915New Jersey, USA I5078 Palladino 
13 nn, Cecilia  1897New Jersey, USA I1801 Palladino 
14 Wismer, Sarah  New Jersey, USA I1297 Palladino 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armellino, Libera  24 Jan 1974New Jersey, USA I2936 Palladino 
2 DeSantis, Angelo "Charles"  1 Apr 1975New Jersey, USA I6012 Palladino 
3 DeSantis, Assunta  1905New Jersey, USA I6009 Palladino 
4 DeSantis, John  26 Mar 1986New Jersey, USA I6007 Palladino 
5 DeSantis, Magdalena  29 Jul 1954New Jersey, USA I6006 Palladino 
6 Kranzow, Dorothy  New Jersey, USA I600 Palladino 
7 Kranzow, Elenor  New Jersey, USA I599 Palladino